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We are proud of the contribution that we have made to learning and academic study of the law.

Members of Chambers have written or edit or co-edit key practitioner’s works and legal publications including British Tax Review (Mr Baker), the Property Law Bulletin (Mr Soares), Land Taxation, Thomson Reuters (Mr Soares, Mr Vaines, Ms Bullock (former member of chambers), Ms Dhanoa and Mr Southern KC) and are long-standing columnists of others including the Tax Journal and the New Law Journal (Mr Vaines). Members of Chambers lecture at leading educational institutions across the world as well as at industry leading seminars and conferences. We publish a chambers’ tax journal, the FCTC Digest, every two months with contributions from members, some articles being supported by a short video by the author.  We also produce a growing number of extremely popular and very readable monthly updates, including the UK Tax Bulletin (Mr Vaines) and the Tax Brief (Mr Way).

We offer highly successful continuing professional development programmes tailored to the needs of our clients at their external offices or in-house as well as providing Members of Chambers for many different speaking engagements. To find out more about these services please contact our Practice Managers.

A selection of our resources are below. Views expressed by the authors are their own.



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