Field Court Tax Chambers


Field Court Tax Chambers is inviting applications for one 12 month pupillage commencing in October 2022.

Pupils will be assigned to one pupil supervisor, but will additionally spend time with other members of Chambers. Pupillage will be a mixture of time spent in Chambers, attending the tribunals/courts, and possibly attending conferences or lectures out of Chambers. When in Chambers the pupil will spend time inter alia reading papers, drafting opinions and pleadings, carrying out research, and sitting in on conferences. At conferences, and in the tribunals/courts, pupils are expected to take comprehensive notes. The pupil will not receive instructions from clients during any stage of pupillage.

Chambers is fully committed to equal opportunity and diversity. We believe that everyone should have the ability to fulfil their potential and we abhor any form of prejudice or discrimination in relation to gender, race, ethnicity, disability, religion, sexuality, class or age. All applications for pupillage will be considered purely on the basis of merit.

Candidates are required to have a strong academic background. We require candidates to have a minimum of an Upper Second Class (i.e. a 2:1) undergraduate degree unless there are exceptional reasons why this is not the case. Further, candidates are expected to be able to demonstrate an interest in practising tax law (e.g. having studied some tax law).

The 12 month pupillage will carry an award of £65,000. The award for the first six months will be £43,333 of which half can be drawn down in advance (upon request) during the Bar Professional Training Course year. The award for the second six months will be £21,667. Chambers reserves the right to require the repayment of the whole or any part of the amount drawn down in the event that the pupil does not complete six months of pupillage.

Applications should be made by way of completing an Application Form which is available by clicking here and emailing it to Enclosed with the Application Form is a Diversity Monitoring Questionnaire: you are not obliged to answer all or any of the questions but in providing this information you will help us to ensure that our recruitment is fair and objective for all. Applications must be submitted between 11am on 4 January 2021 and 11am on 29 January 2021.

Short-listed candidates will be called for interview. The interviews will be conducted by a minimum of two members of Chambers: each interview will last around 30 minutes; candidates will be asked in detail about their application forms; the panel may also ask one or more hypothetical questions. Candidates who are successful in the first interview will be asked for a second interview where, if possible, all members of Chambers will be present. The interviewing process remains similar to that of the first interview, save for the following. Immediately prior to an interview each candidate will be asked to complete a written assessment. The candidates will have a fixed amount of time (45 minutes) in which to complete the written task. Members of Chambers will read what is produced prior to conducting the interviews and may ask the candidates questions related thereto. Ordinarily the written task will be completed within Chambers but if an interview is being conducted remotely then adjustments will be made.

If an applicant is successful then he/she will be made an offer of pupillage and will have seven days to accept the offer.

A decision whether to retain the pupil as a tenant will be taken towards the end of the 12 month pupillage (normally 2 months before the pupillage ends). There is no guarantee that a tenancy will be offered to the pupil, but the expectation when offering pupillage is that the pupil will be of sufficient calibre to merit an offer of tenancy.