Field Court Tax Chambers

New year, but thankfully Peter Vaines’ Tax Bulletin remains a constant…!  This month’s edition provides a helpful summary of the current rates as always, along with the updated interest rates.  In addition, it looks at the recent case of S & L Barnes Ltd and the various conflicts which arise in connection with Personal Service Companies and IR35.  It ponders the question of whether Investors’ Relief really does have much merit, and how to approach the notoriously complex settlements legislation (as set out in ITTOIA 2005, Part 5, Chapter 5).

Those of you wondering about the state of play with respect to legal professional privilege and information requested by HMRC pursuant to HMRC: fear not, a consideration of the recent case of Third Party and Taxpayer is included for your perusal.  This pairs neatly with Peter Vaines’ customary and insightful analysis of Wired Orthodontics Ltd and references to the GAAR Panel. Click here to read the Bulletin or it can be found on the website here.

As always, happy reading!

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