Field Court Tax Chambers

Another tax year is over and a new one begins. And there’s plenty of news from the world of tax to keep track of. Luckily, Peter Vaines has released another fantastic edition of the UK Tax Bulletin to keep practitioners up to speed. This month several developments in the Court of Appeal have drawn Peter’s attention, including IR 35 in Kickabout Productions Ltd v HMRC and HMRC v Atholl House Productions Ltd and capital allowances in Cheshire Cavity Storage 1 Ltd v HMRC, with long-running areas of concern finally being considered with some precedential authority. He also looks at an interesting Scottish case in Harley concerning the valuation of shares and points out some interesting contradictions in the popular conception of the rules on domicile. All of this, along with the latest rates of interest and inflation can be found here and on the FCTC website here.

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