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The Field Court Tax Chambers Digest has achieved its milestone tenth edition! To celebrate, we go all out to provide even more of the fantastic content and insightful analysis that have made the Digest such an unmissable resource. As a result, we have almost double the normal number of articles, ensuring that all who reads this edition will come away with something valuable and thought-provoking. We especially welcome Stephanie Talbot as the FCTC Digest’s new producer and look forward to seeing this unique publication go from strength to strength under her stewardship.

With such a wide array of excellent content, this is a fantastic opportunity to benefit from the leading minds in their field. All you need to do is click here or visit the Field Court Tax Chambers website to find this edition and all the previous editions of the Digest, or click here to subscribe and have every future edition of the Digest delivered straight to your inbox the moment it becomes available!

This edition contains:

  • The New Property Register For Foreign Companies Which Own Land – Patrick C Soares
    • Introduction To Tax Treaties (Part 1) – Philip Baker QC
    • Information Notices – Peter Vaines
    • Finding Open Market Value: Recent Travels In A Dim World – Katherine Bullock
    • The Role Of A Tax Authority: There to Collect Tax …? – Dilpreet K Dhanoa
    • Cryptoassets: A New Weapon Of Mass Destruction? – David Southern QC and Oktavia Weidmann
  • Transfer Pricing; History, Lessons and Experience As A Litigator
  • On The Breakdown Of The OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines – Richard S Collier
    • High-Net-Worth Individuals Settling in Portugal – Rita da Cunha

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