Field Court Tax Chambers

The shortest month of the year only means that each day is packed with even more UK tax developments. Luckily, for those only just surfacing from the extended tax return ‘busy season, Peter Vaines has once again analysed the most important and interesting news in this month’s edition of the UK Tax Bulletin. The issue of personal service companies continues to haunt the Tribunals with yet another case decided but no authoritative case to stem the flow of expensive litigation in sight. The CGT main residence exemption makes a return to the courts in Campbell v HMRC while HMRC’s stance on a company’s purchase of its own shares changes, with potentially interesting consequences for other similar tests. The case of Rawlings v HMRC makes an interesting point about unexpected perils in offshore disposals, and Peter gives us a fascinating look at the topic of interpretation in the case of Goodrich and Other v AB-MN. All of this, and the latest rates of interest and inflation, can be found here or on the Field Court Tax Chambers website.

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