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Book now for the Field Court Tax Chambers’ one day virtual conference for advisers of Non doms, non-resident clients, settlements and underlying companies.  For registration details click here.

Patrick Soares will speak on the essential post Tax Day offshore update and then on what you can and cannot do with a golden trust and its underlying company (the 20 point checklist you will pin to your desk);

Patrick Way QC will speak on the Transfer of Assets Abroad regime post Brexit and post Fisher, Rialas and Davies and then on transfers between settlements and the impact of the new rules in Finance Act 2020;

Philip Baker QC will speak on Double Tax Treaties – tax planning and avoidance and provide Philip Baker QC’s essential recent case review;

Imran S Afzal will speak on accessing the deemed domicile override in the UK/India Estate Duty Treaty and when you must have a domicile pack;

Peter Vaines will speak on God’s Particle structures – solving  the problems of settlor interested settlements and GROBs and on critical IHT planning for Non-Doms;

Katherine Bullock will speak on the optimum structuring for non-resident companies dealing in and developing UK land and on when to bring non-UK investment companies onshore, rebasing dilemmas and excluded property dramas.

Dilpreet K Dhanoa will speak on the strategic role of single premium offshore policies in offshore settlements

AND joining us live from India:

Porus Kaka, Senior Counsel India who Chambers & Partners call The International Face of Indian Tax Practice will present a special session on establishing an Indian domicile for UK estate duty treaty purposes and the Indian taxes to consider for UK resident Indian domiciled clients.

Don’t miss out!

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