Field Court Tax Chambers

We’ve been in lock down for a quarter of the year! We asked Marie Burke and Stephanie Talbot, our amazing practice management team, to tell us the good, the bad and the ugly and here is what they said.

Katherine: What was it like to pack up Chambers in less than a day?

Marie: Being a forward thinking set enabled us to easily adapt to remote working. Although we did surprise ourselves at how quickly we could move when necessary! The investment in IT and things like protection of our data has really paid off – that said the occasional call drops for whatever the reason or there may be a slight interruption in connections but a little patience soon sorts it out.

Katherine: Are clients noticing a difference?

Stephanie: Our clients are amazing and we have had great feedback that they are happy and still feel that they are kept informed. We are a small team who work extremely hard to provide a smooth and efficient service in a busy set. And in lock down we are still in regular communication with members of chambers to ensure timescales are managed and clients’ expectations met. Any queries clients may have are dealt with promptly. Court hearings have been managed accordingly with postponements arranged where necessary.

Katherine: Pros and Cons of lock down?

Marie and Stephanie: Working remotely does indeed have its benefits – whether it’s a walk with the dog at lunchtime or a coffee in the garden. We do miss the afternoon coffee and cake with members in chambers but not the commute! Time to focus and exceptional teamwork is enabling us to achieve a rewarding work-life balance. We have practices now that we will continue to use going forward with the emphasis, as always, on providing an exceptional service in a modern, energetic set.

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