Field Court Tax Chambers

3 Field Court - Gray's Inn -  London - WC1R 5EP

020 3693 3700


Patrick Soares:
    “He is the go-to guy for international tax.”
    “He is genuinely fantastic: a walking encyclopaedia on tax and a genuinely nice person.”
    “Very affable, accessible, helpful and creative.”
    “Focuses on structuring and taxation of property transactions.”
    “A healthy reputation for handling offshore tax matters.”

“Offers excellent, practical tax advice.”

Patrick Way QC:
    “He has a reliable, common-sense approach, and impressive analytical skills. He is a very persuasive advocate in court.”
    “Clients appreciate his willingness to explain complicated issues in a straightforward and comprehensible fashion.”
    “His real strength is hammering home the issues that really matter in a case and that dictate its outcome.”
    “Prominent expert in the taxation of major corporate transactions.”

“Earns universal praise from peers and clients alike. Sources say: “He is objective and calm, analyses things extremely well and is a reassuring presence in court, making him a really first-rate counsel.””

Philip Baker QC:
    “An exceptionally bright, articulate and knowledgeable individual. He has huge experience in cross-border taxation.”
    “A guru on treaty and cross-border tax issues.
    “Has an outstanding reputation for dealing with international taxation cases of the highest order. He is active in this area in both the corporate and private client arenas.”

“He is of course internationally the most prominent person on tax treaties.”

Imran Afzal:
      “He is very sharp, and able to consume and digest a lot of material quickly and accurately.”
      “He’s very clear in his written expression and a pleasure to work with.”
      “Focuses on private client representation as part of a broad corporate and personal tax practice. He handles both advisory work and dispute resolution.”

“One of the best young juniors at the Tax Bar.”